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National Steering Committee in KRI

April, 15 2019
The protracted Syrian conflict has led to a substantial internal displacement of the population in Syria -where over 13 million people are in need of urgent assistance- as well as to an inflow of 6 million displaced individuals to Syria’s neighbouring countries. These countries cannot cope with the massive refugee crisis in the medium to the long term unless significant support is provided to strengthen the resilience of host communities and Syrian refugees, and to empower the affected population, both socially and economically, by ensuring efficient access to services.

The European Union has been active in responding to this crisis, and in December 2014, the European Trust Fund “the Madad Fund” was launched to provide a coherent and reinforced aid response to the Syrian crisis on a regional scale, responding primarily to the needs of refugees from Syria in neighbouring countries, as well as of the communities hosting the refugees and their administrations, in particular as regards resilience and early recovery.

The French Development Agency (AFD) and the Italian Cooperation (IC) have signed an Agreement with the EU “Madad” Trust Fund to implement the Programme: “Resilience & Social Cohesion Programme (RSCP) - strengthening the resilience of host communities and Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq (Kurdistan)”.

National Steering Commitees have been set up in the three target Countries in order to provide guidance and direction at a national and local level; ensure transparency, accountability and efficiency; build a consensus around the Programme’s initiatives and planned results. The first meeting of the National Steering Committees took place the 15thof April in Erbil, the 5thof May in Amman and the 14thof May in Beirut.

Relevant National Authorities’ representatives, stakeholders and International Organisations involved in complementary Programmes have been invited in order to ensure an effective coordination at national level.