Construction of Sidewalks and Curbstones

Al-Mafraq Governorate - Hashimite Kindgom of Jordan

June 30, 2022

The Programme

The “Resilience and Social Cohesion Programme (RSCP) - Strengthening the resilience of host communities and Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq (Kurdistan)” is a regional Programme funded by the European Union Trust Fund “MADAD” and implemented by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) and the French Development Agency (AFD) with a total budget of EUR 22,045,500. The component implemented by the Italian Cooperation has a total allocation of EUR 12,595,500. It aims at improving the coverage and quality of basic social services provided to the most vulnerable host communities affected by the influx of Syrian refugees, as well as to the Syrian refugees (and IDPs in Iraqi Kurdistan), while empowering local communities socially and economically and decreasing inter and intra-community tensions. Moreover, in line with national priorities (crisis response plans), it aims at building the capacities of national institutions, both at central and local levels, and at strengthening the role of the civil society (NGOs and CSOs), providing effective instruments to enable the development of medium and long-term sustainable delivery solutions.

1. Nature of the project

In April 2022, the European Union Regional Trust Fund and AICS, together with the Municipality of Mansheyat Bani Hasan, completed the construction of 9,000 m2 of sidewalks and the rehabilitation of 3,000 m2 of roads.

2. Results achieved

The intervention has strongly improved accessibility to public utilities, markets and schools for approximately 11,200 individuals and protected households from rainwater floods.

227 beneficiaries (217 men and 10 women) have benefited from job opportunities provided by the project for 9,360 working days. 63% from the host communities and 37% from Syrian refugees.

Each beneficiary has been remunerated with an average salary of EUR 817 for 40 days of work.

Project Partners

Implemented by Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS)

Funded by European Union Trust Fund (MADAD)

Overall budget EUR 12.5 million

Term June 2022

Sub-project budget EUR 735,314

AICS/EUTF contribution EUR 584,054

Sub-project completion date April 2022

Partners Municipality of Mansheyat Bani Hasan, Ministry of Local Administration

Target groups Syrian refugees, local population (host community)


  • Livelihood
  • Protection
  • Basic services
  • Urban development

Specific Objectives

1. To provide national and local authorities with effective instruments to perform early recovery and resilience activities
2. To develop and strengthen access to basic social infrastructures and services for the most vulnerable people in the main areas affected by the influx of Syrian refugees
3. To improve income generation opportunities of the most vulnerable local communities and Syrian refugees

Project Partners